a little valentines diy


as you know, dear reader, valentine’s day is upon us. i have been known to diy a few items for a holiday, and for valentine’s day i usually make up some heart shape goodies using felt. this year will mark the third that my husband and i have spent the day with my bff & her guy, and i’m pleased as punch to be hosting a little dinner for them. i usually make up some big red heart pins a la julia & paul child and a garland of some sort. my favorite is a simple rainbow colored felt heart garland that is easy peasy to make.


  1. 1 rectangle piece of felt in each color that you wish to use
  2. baker’s twine cut into a 4-5-or 6 foot string (as long as you like)
  3. scissors
  4. tape or thumb tacks for hanging



  1. cut your hearts out of the felt rectangles. i like them a bit messy because they look sweeter that way. i did a range of sizes to get the most out of each rectangle of felt
  2. fold the heart in half and take your scissors and cut a small snip in the center of each heart (this will make a hole for the string to go through)
  3. run your baker’s twine through the center of each heart and space out the hearts as you like them
  4. hang and enjoy


the end.


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