well my friends, valentine’s day is upon us again. i have a real fondness for this holiday, it was two years ago on valentine’s that i found out that i was pregnant with my son, and his middle name also happens to be valentine. and so, here are my favorite valentine-esque items.
  1. a pretty red dress. i’ve been so anti color lately, everything i like or buy seems to be black, white, navy or gray, but i can’t deny that a red dress is lovely. free people has two that i find insanely gorgeous: a pretty chiffon number with a flamenco skirt and an open back and a beautiful lace babydoll one with long sleeves. i heart this ysl lipstick in rose carnation to go with a bright red dress.
  2. all the standard gifts. i for one will never tire of getting flowers (even carnations, especially the red ones), candy (some amazing vegan chocolates would be nice), jewelry (another feather anything, and i love these small hoops from melissa joy manning), and of course lingerie. not ever.
  3. perfume. a category all on its own, because i’m so crazy about diptyque’s perfumes. so totally crazy!
  4. music, for romance. the winner of this category has to be mr. nick cave. let love in is shown here because of course, but i love the good son for all of its lovely ultra croony-ness. i also love devotchka’s 100 lovers for lovers, and of course tom waits’ blue valentine is in order.
  5. a book about romance in all its strange forms. julia and paul child were sweethearts, as shown in the photograph of them that covers my life in france. some other favorites are just kids by patti smith, the year of magical thinking by joan didion, what we talk about when we talk about love by raymond carverhenry & june by anais nin, and letters to milena by kafka. beautiful stories, all.
  6. a little valentine’s decor. i’ve been known to decorate for an occasion, in the name of festivity, and valentine’s is no exception. i love these coral wood air plant planters, and i heart a nice little red felt heart garland. i also love sending and receiving valentines in the mail. these “i hate everyone who isn’t you” cards are really true to life, and these “you’re the bees knees” cards are adorbs. i tend to send out these vintage valentines every year because they’re just so cute.
  7. red drinks. any kind of champagne cocktail makes me smile. these blackberry thyme sparklers look amazing, as do these peach & raspberry bellinis and these cherry lime champagne cocktails look sooo good. one of each, please.
  8. a romantic getaway. wouldn’t it be wonderful if your sweetheart whisked you away to some exotic locale? it would, indeed. i’m dreaming of a swanky suite at the ace hotel in palm springs, walking down the cobbled, potted marigold lined streets of cordoba spain, or lounging at the pool at la casa en el bosque in patzcuaro mexico. for such a vacation a lady will need a few items: a cool weekender bag like this beauty, a cute pair of shades like these red honeys from ascot + hart, and a new swimsuit. i’m mad about tomato colored swimsuits of late, and sadly topshop sold out of this one. american apparel has a cute one and my pals at urban outfitters have this adorable high waisted bikini.
  9. good smelling shit. i love a beautiful scented candle as much as the next gal, but lately i’ve been all about the essential oils. i have them going most of the time, and this aphrodisiac oil blend just caught my eye. i’d totes buy it, but i wouldn’t want the baby to start feeling all sexy.
  10. last but not least, and speaking of the baby, is a boy valentine onesie that doesn’t make me want to hurl. there are a million “future heatbreaker” and “ladies man” onesies out there that truly do make me want to hurl. i was pleased as punch when i found this little felt heart one from j. crew, and extra stoked when i found this simple “valentine” onesie for my lil’ valentine on etsy. done and done.

the end.

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