the rite of spring

the rite of spring
a funny thing seems to happen every year in the bay area at the end of january: the weather becomes amazing. there is always this little burst of unseasonably gorgeous weather with bright sunny skies and temperatures in the range of 70 degrees. it’s like this wonderful little pep talk, reminding us all that spring is not that far off. it always gets me really excited for that fine day when spring finally does arrive. here are the things i’m looking forward to most.
  1. magnolias and cherry blossoms. it’s my favorite time of year tree wise, and i can’t get enough of the pillowy cherry blossoms and bight pink and purple magnolias blooming all over the bay area in february and into early spring. they pop up like those bight sunny days to remind me that winter can’t last forever. i’m dying to try this cherry blossom perfume from l’occitane. the other day i came across these beautiful baskets at target of all places and thought they would make the most lovely planter for a small tree.
  2. gardening. getting back into the jungle of a yard and pulling out the endless clover and weeds is high on my spring list. i love these beautiful pruning sheers from spain. gardening also requires a nice floppy hat and some adorable shades and these pretty pretty lavender sandals from swedish hasbeens are not your average clog.
  3. spring drinks. winter is all about strong coffee and red wine, and i’m looking forward to some nice tea and a good bottle of white. i love these pretty enamel tea pots and ceramic tea cups. this frizzante from gia coppola is so light and so delicious.
  4. spring cleaning. i didn’t come upon the amazing life-changing magic of tidying up book until i was nearly done with my giant de-clutter clean out, but reading it inspired me all over again. this book is so insightful, in a totally “oh duh” kind of way. highly recommended if you are at all interested in living more simply and getting organized but unsure of how to go about ridding yourself of stuff and junk and stuff and junk.
  5. new lipstick. it’s a funny thing, but after running around in sweats and hats all winter, a little lipstick can really inspire me to clean myself up. maybe it’s having darker hair again, but i am really in love with orange-y lipstick lately. this one from ilia is awesome.
  6. wedding season. this year my two best friends and my brother are all getting married. i anticipate many tears of joy and some regrets over my own wedding, mainly my choice in dress, which began when i found this beauty the other day. i kind of want to get married all over again just to wear it.
  7. spring vegetables. i am really looking forward to some spring greens and trying out some new green soups like this creamy avocado soup.
  8. a little spring music. probably my favorite fleetwood mac record at my ripe old age is mirage. this record was recorded after the highly experimental double album tusk and it’s a really wonderful contrast to that record. after the wild success of rumors and the betrayals that followed his breakup with stevie nicks, lindsey buckingham was quite determined and quite confident in his leadership of the band. tusk was his baby, and it went in directions the other band members and many fans didn’t understand. the record didn’t do as well as anticipated (for the follow up to rumors), and at the same time stevie nicks saw her solo career take off. buckingham also recorded a solo record but saw little success with it, so coming back to make another fleetwood mac record we see buckingham a bit humbled, perhaps. this is a standard record with two sides, 6 songs on each side, and a far more even split of tracks between the 3 songwriters. musically there was a real effort to make a more direct pop record and it is a kinder, softer thing. there is, however, a real sense of longing throughout the record, a subtle sort of loneliness that is almost intangible but unmistakable. it was recorded at a chateau in france and it really has the light, bubbly feel of drinking a bottle of champagne. nevermind the hangover that you’ll wake up to tomorrow, the warm glow around the edges as you drift into the drunk is worth it.

the end.

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