mason jar snow globes.


continuing with my theme of ridding myself of all of these mason jars whilst making some cute christmas gifts for ye olde friends and familia, i decided to make some snow globes. i have seen a whole gaggle of differing diy instructions on how to make these, but i’m a little sick of pinterest diy’s that turn out crappy, so i thought i’d see what i came up with on my own.

you can get pretty creative with these if you have the gumption. i used some pine swag which i cut limbs off of, and a little bushel of holly with red berries that i used in a small jar so that it would fill it. i also got some little plastic cactus and deer figurines. you can use small ornaments, but if you use figurines keep in mind that the lip of the jar is a few inches deep. i’d recommend gluing a small piece of styrofoam under the figurine to elevate it a little. you can use glitter or fake snow flurries in your globe, whichever you prefer. you can use craft glue, but hot glue guns work so much better, and they are only $3 at michaels. other than that, it’s pretty simple.


i used:

  1. mason jars with lids in various sizes
  2. plastic pine tree branches, plastic holly branches and toy cactus
  3. glycerin (from the baking aisle)
  4. gold glitter
  5. distilled water
  6. hot glue gun


  1. glue the branches or ornaments to the bottom of the lid using hot glue or craft glue. hold the branch in place for a minute or two to make sure that it sets                                  IMG_3707
  2. add 3-4 pinches of glitter or snow flurries to a mason jar and then fill it with distilled water (keep about an inch of room for displacement), then add about 2 tablespoons of glycerin (this will make your glitter or snow fall more slowly) IMG_3709
  3. insert the lid onto the jar and seal with the ring band              IMG_3718

the end.


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