all i want for xmas…

all i want for xmas...
well my friends, merry old xmas is just around the corner. apart from making up some quick pickled veggies, i’m just about done with my gifts. i made a bunch of gift baskets up and some mason jar cookie mixes and bought a couple of cool things for my guy and that’s about that. i’m pretty sure santa is bringing me all of my most wanted items this year, but there still remains a few that i’m dreaming of but can never seem to justify purchasing or get my hands on. so here is my top ten.
  1. it’s been a few months now and i am still thinking about this truly radical minimalism t-shirt from the podolls. i’ve placed it in ye olde shopping cart many times, but in the end i just can’t justify spending $70 (with shipping) on a t-shirt. especially not one that says MINIMALISM on it. i mean, c’mon!
  2. so, i kinda have a girl crush on harper poe. she started proud mary after a habitat for humanity trip to south america and she works with global artisans to make her line of super great bags, shoes and clothing. i found her on instagram while trolling for photos of peru and i’ve been smitten ever since. i wish for one of her uber cool clutches, but they’re always sold out because wow.
  3. i’ve never really been a bracelet person, but lately i love the look of a simple cuff. another feather is one of my favorite jewelers, her pieces are simple and lovely, and this cuff is gorgeous.
  4. i’m sad to report that my vision has not improved. i’m still in need of glasses. i found these really cool looking specs for only $36. but with all of the bells and whistles and shipping, they wind up costing a lot more than $36.
  5. so as much as i love clothes, i have to say that sweatpants are my favorite piece of clothing. i’m always looking for fashionable ways to pull off wearing sweatpants a la rihanna, but i am no rihanna. that’s why i am super stoked on these sweatpants that look like regular pants. but again, in the end i just can’t justify spending $50 on a pair of sweatpants.
  6. since i went vegan i am always on the hunt for good recipes, and i really want to get at home in whole food kitchen by amy chaplin. the reviews are great, and the book looks beautiful.
  7. i am 36 years old and i’m still looking for the miracle product that will transform my hair into looking rad instead of frizzy and meh. i read that drew barrymore said she would die without this brush, and i always hear celebrities talking about how their fancy nancy hairbrush is the bees knees. i hope to someday have $$$ to throw at a fancy nancy brush that will magically transform my hair.
  8. due to a seriously awful foot injury that has plagued me for years now, i am a bit of a slipper addict. i can’t really be barefoot without suffering, so i am always wearing slippers. i have burned through so many cheapy walmart pairs over the past couple of years and i keep dreaming about a really fancy, beautiful pair like these gorgeous ones from manitobah.
  9. so i am, of course, dying to see the nick cave “mockumentary” 20,000 days on earth. if my friends don’t stop telling me about how great it is and buy it for me, i’m gonna flip!
  10. i love homestead apothecary and this line of spirit scents is an interpretation of the major arcana of the tarot. it’s brilliant. i wish for it.

the end.

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