covet: winter edition

covet: winter edition
well, it’s official, summer is really, totally and truly dunzo. the beautiful fall weather we were having has pretty much disappeared as well. today is windy, overcast and downright cold (by bay area standards) and we are supposed to have rain the rest of the week. i am wondering where in the world i put all of my socks and sweaters and coats and all that i want to do is curl up and eat. here is my wishing well list for the cold days ahead.
  1. i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again: i love how fashion trickles down to the masses. i remember when maison martin margiela started doing their crazy round shouldered coats and oversized suits for their fall 2010 collection. i wondered how in the world this might translate to real clothing, but then celine nailed the round shouldered coat (as they do most coats) and the looks went on from there. so i for one am happy to see this pretty boucle version from forever 21 for $57.
  2. another trend i’m happy to see re-emerging is the dark lipstick trend from the good ol’ 90’s. i really want to get my hands on these little color sticks from marc jacobs, and this one is appropriately titled “smack,” for the 90’s goth junky in us all.
  3. so socks. socks in winter are the jam, and these cable knit over the knee socks look heavenly.
  4. getting older is a real bitch, in case you hadn’t heard. i find myself achy in new ways and i must admit, my already wonky eyes are not what they used to be. i’d sure love a new pair of glasses, like these uber cool ones from bon look.
  5. i’m not much of a christmas person, but there are a couple of christmasy items that have caught my fancy this year. these heart shaped ristas from new mexico are adorbs. i love these little lama and cactus ornaments from furbish studio. we’ve decided not to get a tree this year, but i will miss the smell. these rustic candles are supposed to smell of sandalwood, cedar and leather.
  6. i am sure that it is the years of working in offices where inevitably someone would send a box of harry & david holiday items and inevitably i would find myself sneaking into the break room and devouring the moose munch that have me craving it. i’m sad to report that it is in fact not even kind of vegan, but i found this recipe that looks…pretty good for not being the real thing.
  7. i am totally a curl up with a blanket gal, and lucky for me my husband got me a wool hudsons bay blanket for my birthday. this is our first winter with the baby sleeping on his own and i worry about him being too cold. i loooove these beautiful heroic chief crib blankets from pendleton, so we can totes match.
  8. having a toddler makes me long for the days when i had the luxury of watching, say, a 3 hour swedish film like bergman’s scenes from a marriage or even a rad documentary like this new johnny thunders doc.
  9. another little luxury that i miss is baths, and not ones spent chasing a slippery little chub around (although those are wonderful in their own way). these beautiful little jars of bathtub tea look divine.
  10. i have been looking for a book that i actually want to read for months now, and i’m feeling like ann pachett’s new collection this is the story of a happy marriage  could just be the one for me. i’m also wanting the vibrant table cookbook, for some really great russian-ish vegetarian/vegan recipes.
  11. lately i’ve been missing my film cameras, and wanting to document this highly festive season in a more inspired and less digitized (read: lazy) way. i’m kind of blown away by all of the instant cameras suddenly coming out. this fujifilm one is totally beautiful and is pretty much my dream camera.
  12. i love this simple little nest ring from rachel pfeffer for my cold dry hands.
  13. lastly is a nice glass of red wine with my nice and v v handsome husband. my former boss put out a wine, and last year for christmas he sent us a bottle. it was honestly one of the best wines that i have ever tasted. i wanted to suck the remnants off of the cork when it was done. while it’s not likely he’ll send another this year, a girl can dream.

the end.


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