vintage modern: the sack dress

the sack dress came of age in the late 1950’s, as a reaction to the girdle required pencil skirts and wiggle dresses of the post WWII “new look.” there was quite a hub-bub over the look as men saw the form hiding silhouette as an affront. in the uber-paranoid mccarthy-era there were many a wise-crack about how the sack dress was a communist plot. while french fashion king paul poiret is the true inventor of the sack dress, balenciaga and givenchy both heavily featured the look in their 1957 collections and really the first “man repeller” was born: a look that chic women loved and the common man resented. these days the look is suddenly on the rise again, due to the whole minimalist craze. i for one love the look. here are a few sack style dresses, from cheap to highly chic.

balenciaga sack dress, 1957

givenchy and balenciaga sack dresses

balenciaga sack dress

balenciaga sack dress, 1957


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