here we are at another monday. i am feeling a little uninspired this week. last week was one of those weeks where it seemed everything that i cooked tasted like mush. vegetable brothy mush. so this week i am vowing to try new things. here’s my most hearted items for the week.
  1. i’m wanting to start over with my kitchen wares as well as my closet. the dutch oven that i have is tiny, and i’m wanting a larger one like these pretty enameled cast iron ones from martha stewart. i’m also wishing that i had more than one frying pan that is worth a darn, and this 12″ cream one looks swell. my kitchen drawers need organizing and i’m thinking about some drawer organizers. for organizing my drawers. got it? i dig these expandable ones.
  2. speaking of feeling uninspired in the kitchen, i am dying to get this beautiful cookbook entitled mexico: the cookbook. the cover is like a bright papel picado and the book is rumored to be pretty much the bible for mexican dishes. i want this baby muchos muchos.
  3. i’ve been really interested in essential oils lately. mainly because i feel like my house always smells like diapers and vegan brothy mush. but also because i like the idea of my house smelling like a super swanky spa where ladies go for relaxing times. and i heard tell it mellows people and babies the eff out, which i am all for. i love this oil diffuser that turns a pretty gold when it lights up. and i heart these little oil kits from mountain rose herbs.
  4. last week i ventured in to sephora to sample the goods. i long ago learned to never, ever fall prey to their trickery and trick lighting and smoke and mirrors, so i never buy anything the first time there. i always wear it out into the actual world and see it for what it is. that being said, i tried out this new makeup from laura mercier and it’s amazing. it’s super light and almost powdery in a good way, and not cakey in the least. i also tried out this contouring pencil from tarte, because it is called the sculptor contouring face slenderizer, and i want to get my hands on anything that will slenderize my face, and i mean, this actually has it in the title. so it had me at hello. and anyways, it is really easy to use and i totally want to get it. i’m also still on my perfume kick, and i want to have this pretty little magnolia scent from commodity.
  5. my search for boots continues, and i’ve got my eye on these whiskey colored babes from diba that are made from real leather.
  6. i’m sorta obsessed with this dress from black crane. but $145 for a dress that calls itself a sack and has frayed edges? i don’t know. i just don’t know.
  7. last but surely not least is the new memoir from the incredible and wonderful lady called anjelica huston. this one allegedly goes into all of the sorted details about her relationship with jack nicholson. i can’t wait.

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