my dream wardrobe.

my dream wardrobe.
as you know, dear reader, i recently cleaned out my closet and dresser drawers and said adieu to much of my wardrobe. for the first time in my life there is room in my drawers and space in my closet. empty hangers, even. it’s a good feeling. but even with what is left, i don’t feel like i have the right clothes. i am wanting more functional clothes and better quality pieces. i often wish that i could scrap it all and just start over. what a wonderful world it would be if my closet was truly a blank slate, but there is of course the little matter of money. and so, i thought i would internet daydream about all of the lovely little things that i simply cannot afford. here are the staples that my fantasy dreamland closet would surely include:
  1. underwear. new underwear. simple, lace underwear. i’ve always loved honeydew’s underthings, and these pretty black lace boyshorts for madewell along with a little lace bralette are lovely. and of course socks. i’m tired of endless socks purchased hastily in the dead of winter, cutesy ones that are impractical and uncomfortable. i only wear socks with boots, sneakers, or around the house, so why bother with anything fancy. i love american apparel’s good ol’ striped tube socks. they are a timeless, cool classic. can’t mess with that.
  2. pajamas. i love men’s pajamas, and these vintage pajamas from j. crew look divine. i’d wear the top with jeans, too.
  3. tops. i’d like to be done with all of the printed tank tops and keep just a few of american apparel’s tri-blend racerback tanks. i’m also over the endless t-shirts, i’d be happy with the t-shirt version of the american apparel tri-blend. they’re super soft and comfy and not too busy. i love that american apparel sells multi packs, so you can get 3 of ’em. for my one printed t-shirt, i’m crazy over this minimalism t-shirt in metallica font from the podolls. sweatshirts are another one, i could stand far fewer of them. for my one i’d take a rodarte radarte hoodie in a heartbeat. a flannel shirt is crucial, and this old navy buffalo plaid one looks perfect.
  4. sweaters. i feel like i have more cardigans than i know what to do with, yet i never want to wear any of them! black crane is pretty much my fave design house of late, and this pretty pretty poncho is to die for. i recently discovered uniqlo and this lambswool cardigan is warm and soft. i also love this dreamy cashmere blend tunic, perfect for wearing over leggings.
  5. bottoms. speaking of leggings, i feel like old navy’s cropped leggings are sorta all that i wear. for jeans, i love these high waisted skinny jeans, and black jeans are a must. i love the jogger pant- not quite pajama not quite sweatpant thing, and these satin joggers from forever 21 are great. as for sweatpants, i heart them to the moon and back and these cropped ones are adorable. the older that i get the less that i wear shorts, but i am a sucker for satin tap shorts. one pair of shorts is a must. i’ve been looking for the perfect midi circle skirt and this crepe woven one from asos looks good to me.
  6. jumpsuits. i love jumpsuits. they are to my 30’s what rompers were to my 20’s: what i go to when i want to rock my cute shit. i am out of my mind over this vintage plaid flannel jumpsuit from lonelydot. i would buy it in one hot minute, but alas, i am no 26″ waist. i also heart this smart, tailored navy jumpsuit from augusta. these two would be my day and night jumpsuits, my casual and fancy jumpsuits, if money and size were not real things in this world.
  7. dresses. my dream closet would keep a few vintage pieces, like a pretty indian cotton gauze dress, a mexican embroidered dress, and maybe a simple 50’s style day dress. as for new dresses, i completely love the painter smock/swing/shift dress thing and this beauty from acne studios is the ultimate. on the more affordable side is this pin stripe dress from pixiemarket is swell.
  8. shoes. oh shoes. i can’t tell you how many pairs of outdated, cheapy, trendy shoes i have thrown to the wayside. i would love to spring for some really beautiful, really well crafted shoes. take for example these martiniano glove shoes, which sort of make me want to cry. they are my dream flats. next up are these wonderful, handmade clog sandals from bryr. as for boots, i am really sick of the plasticy-faux leather, slouchy, pointy boots that are trendy. i love these lucky brand boots, which are real leather and not at all slouchy. for ankle boots i adore these simple, wood heeled lady boots from dieppa restrepo. lastly a good pair of moccasins are a must, and minnetonka‘s are true blue.

the end.


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