vintage modern: mid-century credenza.

as a new parent you quickly learn just what a sharp, chaotic little death trap your home is. my son began crawling and we realized that we had made all the wrong choices in furniture. there honestly is no good system for childproofing out there. as my friend jeff says, there is one company who makes childproofing stuff and they make two versions: the crappy version and the more expensive, less crappy version. and they do not make anything that will keep your books, records and tchotchkes from coming right off of their little perch and straight into the mouth of your toddler. gone are the days of stacking books on the floor or keeping anything (really, anything) sitting out at waist level or lower. i look around at all of the open shelving that i have and i curse the furniture gods for not directing me towards storage with enclosed, lockable shelves.

as a child i remember my grandparents had their beautiful teak and maple credenzas and sideboards, with their nifty sliding doors and drawers to keep everything tucked away from little prying hands. i’ve looked longingly at the pretty mid-century credenzas at the shops along valencia street in san francisco for years, and watched their price tags skyrocket with the passing months. a vintage one will run you upwards of $2,000, and that’s to start. recently new versions have been popping up all over, not much more affordable, but perhaps a bit. here are 10 ranging in price for $279 to just under $1500.



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