weekly covet.

here we are, another week. today is the first day that i have really felt slow and cold and autumn to the max. also in one week only my baby turns 1 year old. holy cow. here’s my most lusted after items this week.
  1. with the days getting shorter i am wanting to read more. i’m thinking of some old books that i’d like to have my hands on again like a nice collection of poems by the incredible spanish poet antonio machado and the book of disquiet by fernando pessoa. i’m also wanting new recipes and this book of vegan bulgarian recipes (of all things) looks hilariously strange and delicious. fall is also a time where i love to watch movies, particularly all of my fave woody allen pictures. i love this documentary about the man and his work.
  2. since it’s cooling down i’m wanting to bust out the plaid and the knits. while i fully appreciate the flannel shirt dresses and chunky sweaters climbing the charts right now, i am completely obsessed with 2 things: 1. a red tartan or buffalo plaid circle or midi skirt like this one from brooklyn industries and 2. this utterly perfect knitted cape dress from asos which sold out in a hot minute.
  3. fall is definitely the time of year that i get really quiet and reflective and think about what in the world is coming next in my life. i usually feel pretty knocked out by the seasons changing and start to look more at my astrology notebooks and pull out the tarot cards more frequently. i recently found these beautiful ritual candles from magic hour. this one is a grand trine water candle for compassion, emotional sensitivity, deep healing and psychic gifts. here’s to that.
  4. for home i am pretty hung up on 2 things: 1. wire baskets like this beauty from current/elliot. 2. enamel kitchenware. enamel plates, bowls, coffee cups, you name it. my new favorite shop brookfarm general store has all of these brilliant sets like this enamel bakeware set and this set of enamel plates. they also have this wonderful set of french beechwood handle knives that i am dying to get my little hands on.
  5. i’ve been on a perfume kick lately and i am crazy for this beautifully packaged arabian scent durra attar extrait and this line of perfumes called agonist 
  6. for my almost toddler boy i am looking at a few things to ring in the new year. these little felt crowns by littleblueolive are adorable.
  7. my bubs loves books and i of course love brown bear brown bear.
  8. i’m over the moon for this old man cardigan from the gap.
  9. i really love wood waldorf toys, and these little puzzles are beautifully made.
  10. i love unique baby toys that aren’t just plastic and disney-fied, and these walkers are so cool. it’s a push toy and wood block set, for the not quite walking kids who need to drop and destroy, like my bubby.

the end.

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