vintage modern: courtney love.

it really irks me when i see posts regarding courtney love that are prefaced with some kind of disclaimer. i love courtney love and i find no need to qualify my love. so there. i came upon her at the tender age of 13 and she shaped me as much as stevie nicks, patti smith and those awesome late 80’s winona ryder movies did. she gave me bold red lipstick, platinum hair, third wave feminism and those great echo & the bunnymen records and for that, and so much more, i am forever grateful.  it’s no secret that her style put a big giant rivet in the 90’s and shook it hard, and the adorable “kinderwhore” look has been back for a few years now, in various waves. i still see it hanging around so i thought i’d put a few items up.

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courtney was all vintage in the early 90’s, and her style (like her guitar playing) was very british influenced. 60’s babydoll dresses, velvet jumpers with crisp white shirts, and war-time mary jane’s worn over white cable knit knee high socks or tights. these are the looks i see popping up that make me think of ms. love. the most iconic and most re-produced look has to be her black babydoll dress with peter pan collar. below are some of the courtney-esque numbers floating around. each photo has itself a link.

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