it is a funny thing, being a girl. it is amazing to realize all of the little products that it takes to make up a lady. if there is one thing that i learned from pregnancy and having a baby it is that no two women are alike. we are all delicate snowflakes. there is most def no one size fits all beauty regime. that being said, i always like reading what ladies have inside of their vanities. so here’s my love list, just for yukks.


my go to products: i have super thick, wavy, somewhat curly hair. on my best days i take the time to smooth it out with heat, but i rarely have the time. when i wash my hair i use garnier marvellous oil, i put it on with a deep conditioner and it pretty much smoothes out my frizz. if i am using heat on my hair i use kerastase’s nectar thermique because it keeps my hair from drying out and it smells nice. i often think that bumble & bumble’s products don’t really do much, they just smell great. that being said, their brilliantine is my favorite smelling thing ever.

i want to try: oribe’s soft dry conditioning spray. i hear nothing but raves, and this stuff allegedly tames wild hair like mine.

skin cleansing:

my go to products: i wash my face with olay’s regenerist luminous brightening cream cleaner, using an olay prox. of course i want one of those fancy nancy clarisonic cleaners but the olay version costs about a quarter of the price and i love it, it has honestly changed my skin. i haven’t really had a breakout since i started using it a couple of years ago. i like the cleanser because it’s gentle & still exfoliates. at night i use burt’s bees sensitive cleaning cloths to remove makeup.

i want to try: aesop’s purifying facial exfoliant paste. the idea of having the time to actually girl out and put a bunch of crap on my face for a few minutes is like some distant fantasy, but a girl can dream.

skin care:

my go to products: i was so excited a few months back when urban outfitters started carrying korean beauty products. fair skinned sensitive girls like me understand. i picked up this holika holika the miracle real skin finish and i like it a lot. it’s not a primer or a moisturizer or anything, really, but it gives my skin the sort of pallid, moony glow that goth girls and korean women dream of. for moisturizer i use embryolisse and i love it. they don’t call it the holy grail for nothing.

i want to try: bliss triple oxygen cream. i got a sample of this and my skin looked all super bright and as soon as it was gone it was back to its dull old self.


my go to products: for a drugstore primer i like maybelline’s baby skin, even though i suspect it’s just baby oil, baby powder & vaselline mixed together. it is good for dry skin and a little dewy action. i love make up forever’s hd primer and the foundation, it’s very matte and really evens skin tone. my daily wear is bb cream, and i love ysl’s top secret bb cream, it is super matte and makes me feel fancy just putting it on. for a drugstore bb cream i use cover girl’s cg smoothers bb cream because it’s really the only light color that works on my super fair skin. i never feel made up or even slightly orange-y in it. i do keep garnier’s skin renew bb cream on hand for the summer months when i get a little more sun, but generally it’s too dark for me. i use it more for contouring, instead of bronzer. i also use nyx born to glow liquid illuminator for highlighting when i contour.

i want to try: nars the multiple. i’m not really a blush girl, and i like that these work as highlighter and cheek stain.


my go to products: i often wear liquid liner, and i like rimmel’s exaggerate felt tip liner. it’s easy to use, not too flimsy or too firm, and it lasts. the best tip for wearing liquid eyeliner is eye shadow: you have to put on eyeshadow before applying, so that it absorbs any run off and sort of seals it in place. if i don’t wear liquid liner i love laura mercier’s tight line cake liner. it’s dry and goes on with a wet brush. it’s less dramatic than liquid liner and makes eyes pop. i have been using it for 12 years and i always buy more when i am out. for mascara i like make up forever’s smoky extravagant mascara, it’s really black without being clumpy, although it does take a true makeup remover to get it off.

i want to try: marc jacobs style eye-con shadow in the ingenue. the pale gold tones are so pretty.


my go to products: i always have smith’s rosebud salve in my bag. i like burt’s bees lip shimmer for a tiny bit of color. for a red lip i’ve been using lord & berry lipstick pencil in bordeux since i was 16. in the early 90’s we used to have to put brown eyeliner on our lips and cover with bright lipstick to get the perfect courtney love red. then we found lord & berry and it’s all i’ve used since. for $3 you can’t beat it, and it stays on without bleeding.

i want to try: i have always been tempted by this bene-tint lip stain that doubles as a cheek stain, but i am so wary of benefit products. i think they are just a marketing, packaging machine with pretty low quality products. i’ve been burned by their they’re real eyeliner and mascara (both complete wastes of money, in my book) and i don’t want to take any more chances.


my go to products: i just bought this gel polish from revlon in double down. i am loving copper nail colors for fall.

i want to try: this peridot & copper metallic polish from shifters.


my go to products: i love a nice gardenia scent like marc jacobs but over the last couple of years i like a more mild, natural rose scent. i love these scents by blithe & bonny and this peony rose perfume oil from urban outfitters is really pretty and light.

i want to try: i have always wished i was fancy enough to buy diptyque candles, so when i heard that they have this fragrance that is basically the candles in a perfume, naturally i wanted to be fancy enough to wear it. but i can’t even pronounce it, so there you go.

the end.

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