weekly covet.

i figured i’d try and shake off a case of the mondays with a little coveting. it’s definitely indian summer here, and i’m feeling a little out of sorts as i look at the big “october” on my calendar. additionally mercury has gone and went retrograde and i am pretty sure that this blog post is going to look 100% wrong and be 100% impossible to fix. but whatever! here’s what i’m day dreaming about this week.
  1. i was never a tote bag person, except while grocery shopping. i’ve always been big on pretty doctor bags or tiny little vintage clutches but once i had a baby, i finally understood. i am still anti diaper bag, i find a good tote bag does the trick. free people always has the prettiest options, like this crocheted canvas one that is on sale. on sale i say!
  2. i was always a big ring and necklace girl, but my soon to be toddler lives to pull and chew on such things. maybe it’s the fact that i can’t really wear it that has me crazy about jewelry these days. i’m loving pretty much everything that mei elizabeth does, especially this gorgeous gold & raw pyrite necklace.
  3. i’ve been on a cutting board kick lately, wanting to upgrade and switch out some of my oldies and i l-o-v-e unique wood ones. west elm has recently partnered with feed projects to put out some products, and these cutting boards are so pretty. truth be told i am dying to host a feed supper dinner party, but i only know a total of 4 people, including my husband & baby. 😦
  4. my clog obsession continues, and i completely heart these shoes by no 6.
  5. so all the fashion rags are a-buzz about “co-washing” (which is not actually shampooing your hair, just washing with conditioner). the myth is that it keeps frizzy haired girls like me from having frizzy hair. of course there is a new product to sell along with this trend: cleansing conditioner. i’m totes down to try it, even if it only turns out to be, y’know, not washing your hair. especially because there is a pumpkin one!
  6. so, i am totally a sucker for seemingly old-timey beauty products. i love weird packaging like on doc bronner’s soap and mane n’ tail that shows up in places like urban outfitters and makes you think it’s been around for 100 years and has some ridiculously simple healing properties that your granny never told you about. so of course i totally want to get this egyptian magic shit and slather it al over my face.  the good & mysterious people at egyptian magic ensure it has wondrous benefits to skin & hair alike!
  7. urban outfitters dropped this amazing jumpsuit right after i did my oxblood post. but i want to buy it anyways because it is adorbs.
  8. i’m all about this indigo trend, and i heart heart heart these cloths from lookout & wonderland.
  9. i love jo malone perfumes because they remind me of my pretty friend jessie, and the scents are always really unique and non-perfumey. the latest is a wood sage & sea salt cologne. i’m so into it.
  10. so i have never really been a fan of georgia o’keefe’s art. i did, however, live not too far from her home(s) in new mexico, and visited ghost ranch and the georgia o’keefe museum in santa fe a few times and would say that i am a huge, huge fan of the woman (even if i don’t love her art). this new book is about her incredible homes in new mexico. i want it sooo bad.
  11. lastly is a stoller. ugh. before we had the baby we were all “strollers are lame. we’ll just get a totally simple little fabric stroller and not care.” then of course we had the baby and realized that we don’t know shit. about anything. i’m fine with our stroller, except that i have worn the wheels down to little plastic nubbins, and my son is too big for it, and the totally simple little fabric stroller that we bought is scary and exposes him to sun and wind and PAVEMENT. so i need a new one. and this one looks legit but dude. $$$

the end.

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