vintage modern: stevie nicks.

keeping up with this week’s stevie nicks theme, i thought i’d do a post about her epic style. i couldn’t decide whether to do a covet post, or a vintage modern, but decided on the latter because i see some of her signature looks trending yet again.

stevie has always been my numero uno style icon. it all started with my mom’s copy of stevie’s first solo record: bella donna. as a little girl i used to stare at the cover and think she was the most incredible woman ever. over the past few decades she’s seen a definite resurgence and much deserved credit for her iconic style. in the early 2000’s the sort of witchy, rumors era look became popular: lots of gypsy hemmed skirts and bell sleeves came onto the scene. recently kimono tops have come back and this year several designers did a chiffon maxi dress, which quickly trickled down to the masses via urban outfitters & forever 21. southwest staples (spain and mexico meet native american and cowboy) combined with ballet inspired pieces make up stevie’s look. here’s some of my favorites from the little queen:

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and with that, here are a dozen or so stevie-esque looks from around the webs, oh and don’t forget the instant camera for late night self-portraits. each photo has a link for your shopping pleasure.


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