fall favorite: oxblood

here we are at the final day of september. this morning i was driving and i saw the most gorgeous brightly colored trees and had one of those “wow, it’s fall.” moments. the leaves were a deep burgundy (or wine, or merlot, or cranberry or my personal fave: oxblood) color. this is a color that i love, even with its association with those ew-sew 90’s doc martens and pretty much every girl’s sad hair in the mid-late 90’s. it’s also a color that i really totally forget about, like, wiped from my mind, until the end of september. and then suddenly it’s everywhere and i can’t get enough.
and so, here are a few cool items from around the interwebs in lovely shades of oxblood.
  1. this Myne silk kimono dress from anthropologie is absolutely gorgeous.
  2. i adore the 50’s silhouette of this Ghost red empire waist dress
  3. this sweater is sorta all things september: chunky knit, puffy sleeved, and yet, a crop top. Puff sleeve crop top
  4. this is a pretty cute polka-dot tunic from modcloth that you can wear to cover up all of the pumpkin-spice puffyness going on underneath.
  5. urban outfitters always has the best over the knee socks.
  6. i am always on the lookout for a great pair of vintage oxblood boots, like these ones via etsy.
  7. love this leather tote from the gap.
  8. my pals at urban outfitters did it again with this cute hat Brixton felt crown
  9. this infinity scarf is mighty pretty for less than $10 from forever 21
  10. last fall my bff bought me this amazing nail polish from marc jacobs in jezebel. it’s my fave fall nail color thus far.
  11. i love these pretty throw blankets from ikea for only $13.
  12. for baby, i heart this onesie from j. crew.
  13. completely love these distressed leather shoes from free people.
  14. last but not least, a good bottle of red is in order. it’s not oxblood, but i used to drink copious amounts of this hungarian red: bull’s blood.
bye, september.

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