covet: home edition

over the last few months i’ve been working on clearing out my home. it has a lot to do with my baby being mobile & coming into his toddler phase, but it also has to do with a desire to de-clutter. many, many hauls to the goodwill have happened. i’m nearly finished with my closet re-organization and wanting to finally tackle organizing my cupboards. so this covet is all about home.
  1. since my sushi making kick began i have been curious about these little bamboo mats. this one from sur la table comes with a cool spoon for scooping rice as well. and it’s only $8.95!
  2. okay, so, i have to admit that we have a sodastream already, and i hate it. we got it with the intention of saving on the insane amount of money & glass/plastic we spend on sparking water, but i found it sort of bootsy tasting and it doesn’t stay carbonated for very long. but i love these pretty ones from kitchenaid that promise to be better.
  3. i have been fawning over these great framed astrology prints from the land of nod since i was pregnant. recently i was excited to find that they have been marked way, way down.
  4. i’m not usually one for kitchen gadgets, but i have been trying to make my own tortillas lately and they always turn out more like pancakes. i love these cast iron tortilla presses from good ol target!
  5. really, really want to get my hands on this pretty cookbook about eating more plants.
  6. so i’m dying to obtain a few turkish bath towels. places like anthropologie sell them for upwards of $70 (a pop!) but they can be found for cheaper around the webs.  love this red Turkish cotton bath towel and this pretty blue striped one Scents Feel blue bath towel.
  7. here’s another gadget i am wanting: a plantain press so that i can make delicious fried plantains like they do at my favorite restaurant- sol food in san rafael. Imusa bamboo kitchen tool
  8. i love these pretty little copper votive candle holders. Bloomingville copper home decor
  9. i recently discovered my dream bed: this beautiful reclaimed wood bed from west elm. swoon.
  10. i heart these pretty Tree trunk pots from anthropologie.

the end!


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