covet: urban outfitters edition.

so i’ve always sort of felt like i’m too old for urban outfitters, but now that i am officially O.L.D. old, i think i’ll have to just admit it: i heart urban outfitters. over the past couple of years i’ve become more and more impressed with the items they’ve put up. i love their rugs. i am totally stoked on the beauty products they’ve started carrying. i adore their tapestries (although many are far too pricey for anything but looking) and i can always find a cool coffee table book. so here are my current lusted after items from urban “oot”fitters, as i like to call them.

1. i love this chiffon Dress with pretty floral motif. it reminds me of stevie nicks circa tusk.

2. i heart this COPE button front shirt dress with its cute neck tie.

3. i’ve been dreaming about a 70’s southwest style blanket coat for decades now, and this pendelton one is absolutely amazing.
4. these sweet little Sixtyseven ankle booties with real laces are dreamy.
5. this turquoise stone ring is gorgeous, and only $12!
6. i love these cute 30’s style Orange sunglasses
7. i’m crazy for floral scents and this petal oil Flower perfume smells like standing inside of an actual rose.
8. urban seems to be pretty much nailing it with the beauty products of late. i have scored several korean face products and they are now carrying the holy grail of creams: Embryolisse beauty product
9. urban always has the most incredible textiles, including some gorgeous peruvian and serape blankets and these AMAZING indigo patchwork blankets (that are far too expensive for my blood, but oh!): Urban Renewal blanket
10. they have some pretty great wall art for sale, i love this woven jute piece: Magical Thinking wall hanging
11. urban has always been my secret go-to place for rugs. i can always find cool, affordable ones that i don’t feel guilty about getting rid of when the moment passes. i love this bird rug for a cool $44. Magical Thinking handmade area rug
12. you can always count on urban for humorous and for slightly hippie items, and in this case the two have met. these zodiac prayer candles are right up my alley.
13. urban is carrying quite a few vinyl records these days. while they are a bit overpriced, i typically can appreciate most of their choices, like this Bill Withers – Just As I Am LP
15. they also have pretty cool furniture and i love these Magical Thinking Pyramid Shelf – Urban Outfitters
16.  last but not least, i am dying to get my hands on this amazing coffee table book featuring two of my favorite 70’s/80’s heroes: Halston And Warhol: Silver And Suede By The Andy Warhol Museum
the end.

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