five favorite fall records.

so fall is here. i’m one of those super coo-coo for fall people (who isn’t?!) that wants to devour all things fall related. gimme pumpkin evvvv’rything.

i love how certain records can encapsulate a season, sometimes based on when they are released, sometimes based on their sound, sometimes based on a personal experience with them. fall records tend to be my favorite, but i favor fall, so there you go. here are five of my fall fave raves.

  1. desire- bob dylan. call me crazy not to put “blood on the tracks” on this list, go ahead! for me, desire really ushers in fall. it was recorded summer through early fall of 1975 and has a sort of indian summer feel to it. crisp blue skies and strong breezes against a full, hot sun. maybe it’s the dreamy emmylou harris back up vocals and gypsy campfire violin that makes this the one for me, but it’s the one i look for when fall rolls around. the slow dirge and winding melody of “isis” is pretty perfect in my book. i love this record on sunny mornings, i love this record on dark nights, i love this record.
  2. the rip tide- beirut. this one was released august 30, 2011, and i spent that whole september listening to it. to me, this record is september. warm days, cool nights, summer rolling away with big puffy clouds. zach condon wrote this record over 6 months spent living in isolation in a cabin in upstate new york. it’s certainly less flashy and large than previous beirut records, but it’s also more intimate and introspective. this record feels like fall to me with it’s bright morning sweetness and a hint of melancholy.
  3. the suburbs- arcade fire. this was another record released in august that really is september to me. it’s also another indian summer record to me. win butler describes the sound as a mix of depeche mode and neil young, but i hear a lot of born in the usa and u2’s unforgettable fire in this record as well. there are so many elements of childhood and nostalgia in this record that it takes you back to passing summer vacations and long bike rides against black night skies.
  4. harvest- neil young. this is a pretty obvious choice, i know, but can you blame me? this record was recorded largely in nashville with nashville musicians, and many argue this is neil young’s finest record. it certainly reads like a greatest hits with “heart of gold,” “the needle and the damage done,” and “old man” but it’s “out on the weekend” and “a man needs a maid” that kill me. i love this record on rainy days spent baking pies or making stews.
  5. disintigration-the cure. this one is probably my favorite rainy day record ever. it’s definitely a deep november record, one for the darker days. robert smith wrote this record during a period where he was depressed about his impending 30th birthday, while he was taking a lot of lsd. he was prepared to release this as a solo record, but the band definitely came in with incredible synthesizers and droning guitar creating a large, very dark record. while this record was labeled overly depressing and “commercial suicide” by the band’s record label, it features perhaps their most popular song: “lovesong.” i always feel a need to listen to the this record in the midst of rainy season.

the end. happy fall!

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