autumn begins in one week only but it’s been knocking for days and days. tonight the charts and graphs predict the first rain. but still! still the sun is hot there’s just this peculiar breeze that comes in and sort of taps the trees on the shoulder like, “hey there, just a friendly reminder that i am going to shake every last one of those pretty leaves off of your bald little branches one of these days.”

i’m not ready for fall or else i’m readier than ever. it’s everybody’s favorite season, right? the time to binge is upon us the time for pumpkin flavored puke. round carmel apple cheeks and bellies and hide it all in chunky knit sweaters. it’s just what fall does to the hearts of men: daylight will no longer be saved and in those black nights it’s just the looking back and scratching your head at the year gone by or forward ahead to what may be.

september is a rather wonderful month. i never hear it said but wow. wow for labor day cookouts and chasing the last of the hot summer sunshine and seeing the season change right before your very eyes. the wilting sunflowers, bowing their heads to the autumnal equinox and the squash blossoms and burnt orange mums ushering in the sunset until finally and absolutely, october arrives.

this is the year i remember, september.

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