shocking as it seems to myself, 22 days of a vegan diet made me into a bona fide vegan. i loved this diet. after the first week i went through a sort of crash, feeling bloated and pimply and sick of zucchini, i considered chucking it all. but i powered through and emerged a couple of days later feeling like a million bucks.

the great thing about the diet was that i was forced to cook, every day. and forced to cook things i never had before. forced to use fresh vegetables, forced to use my food processor, forced to mix & measure. it really changed things for me, as far as pulling me out of a food rut. 

i did manage to shed a few inches, and my skin is all glowy. i’m more clear headed, lighter and generally healthier. my typically terrible monthly pms was dramatically lessened and my general attitude is better. i’m going to keep it up!

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