22 days.

recently i’ve been feeling rather unhealthy and tired. blame it on the 8 month sleep regression of my babe or too many hot dogs, i have a major case of the blahs. i’ve always (really) known that what is now called a “plant based diet” is the best way to care for yourself, but of course it gets away from me sometimes. lately i’ve been feeling like i want a way to connect to my body and a way to be inspired to cook with more fresh, seasonal vegetables. 

i was pretty shocked to see the likes of beyonce, jay-z and j-lo picking up a vegan diet. i rolled my eyes when i heard this, and expected they were eating tofu hotdogs and soyrizo and then drinking nothing but soy milkshakes for 2 weeks to drop a bunch of weight. when i actually looked into the diet plan they followed i was pretty amazed. the 22 days nutrition vegan challenge is a plant based diet that uses no soy, gluten, dairy or meat. the recipes are simple and easy to prepare and use a lot of fresh vegetables and fruit. not only that, but the entire meal plan and recipes are posted online, for free. it’s pretty neat-o to see that this remains free, even with the recent celebrity attention that the diet has gotten. 

i am currently on day 3 and really liking the diet. even with a fussy, crawling baby i have been able to whip up the meals and have enjoyed all of them. here’s to feeling like less of a zombie this summer!


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