vintage modern: moroccan rugs

i’m a rug-a-holic. i have a constant rug dilema, in my life. i am always, always looking for the perfect rug, which i am convinced doesn’t exist. consequently i have amassed a ridiculous number of rugs in my lifetime. i suppose the good news is that i am terribly cheap, so i typically don’t spend more than $100 on a rug. but those $100 add up.

recently i’ve been seeing this whole moroccan rug trend spreading like wildfire across every instagram feed out there. specifically the white shag trellisy ones are evvvv-erywhere. these aren’t your average ikea rugs, moroccans don’t come cheap. the vintage variety start at around $500 and the real deals from morocco are in the same price range. so here’s the look for less, if you will.

this trellis rug from cost plus seems to be on the floor of every mom blogger out there and runs $250.

west elm has a couple of cool ones, namely this souk rug, this knotted trellis rug and my personal favorite- the kasbah rug all in the $200-500 range.

of course has a thousand versions of these rugs, mainly this nuloom one for around $135.

target has this one for $179.

urban outfitters is my favorite go-to place for cheap rugs. they have this 4040 Locust rug that has the moroccan vibe for only $69.

click on the links for each to see deets, they are in the slide show below.



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