vintage modern: clogs

clogs have pretty much always been around. they really had their day in the 70’s and stayed around into the 80’s. then of course there was that surge in the 90’s, probably due to janeane garofalo’s 70’s obsessed character in reality bites. candies and bongo went crazy with the platform clogs and they ventured into raver territory. but i digress, this post is about the swedish variety, which have made a recent comeback.

just about every trendy retailer online is selling swedish hasbeens, but they run from $150 and up. a vintage pair can occasionally be scored on etsy, like these AMAZING gold ones for $86. 

topshop has a few pairs, like these cute yellow ones for $80 (vs. the $150 swedish hasbeens version).

bamboo has a cute version for $31.

steve madden has a strappy pair, marked down to $34. 

old navy even has a cute pair, marked down to $28.

click the links to view. happy shopping!



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