Where to begin.

To blog is a strange thing. I have kept a running blog for several years, and regularly, but lately it’s been neglected. It takes two hands to type. And I feel like I have lost my voice, in a way. But my baby is 7 months old and more contented every day. I find myself craving some creative outlet. I find myself missing writing. Often I am afraid to begin something because it will likely be interrupted quickly, and eventually you stop doing anything. Quiet moments are spent waiting for him to wake up, to cry for you. Whatever flicker of something that was is quickly gone. But more and more the moments are there, and I want to use them.

My life is wonderful. I never thought that I would be the stay at home mom type, but I honestly love it. I love every day with my son. I love his smiles and laughter and babbles and expressions. I love seeing him with his father, who is his pal. I love the weekends as a family. I love our family. I love our home. 

Here is my shaky voice. Here is my tender heart. Here’s to finding my voice again.

2 thoughts on “Where to begin.

  1. simplexpressionism says:

    I read your previous post and even with this find you totally relatable. Even as I struggle to remain consistent with writing through out this pregnancy- I love the effort of little Sparks of inspiration. You definitely give me hope!

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