pre-spring cleaning.


i love clothes. clothes are one of my favorite things in this world. i think about clothes as much as i think about my family and food. i think about clothes more than my house, my car or my bank account. 

for years i have been a bit of a clothes hoarder. i spent a couple of years traveling around the u.s. in my car and i made a point to hit up every thrift store along the way. there was a time when my father’s garage was half filled with garbage bags full of clothes. i would buy things that didn’t fit, that would never fit, just because they were too amazing to pass up. over the last few years and the last few moves many things have gone away, but there is a core collection of items that remain. after having a baby my tastes have changed. i may be in a rut of some kind, carrying that extra 10 pounds and the perpetual spit up/drool/breast milk stains on everything has me not wanting to wear anything that isn’t cotton and v v stechy. a few weeks ago i pulled out some things that i knew weren’t me anymore and put them up on my instagram for sale. a funny thing happened. i started to really dig in and get rid of thing that i had been holding on to for years. and to be honest, i love clothes so much that just the act of photographing them is enjoyable, not to mention sending them off to new homes that will adore them.







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