4 months.



henry valentine turned 4 months old this week. it’s hard to believe he’s grown so much. when we brought him home from the nicu he was a tiny little 6 pound, 21 inch baby. at his 4 months checkup he is 13 1/2 pounds and 25 inches. still small but larger than life to us. he’s extremely vocal, always cooing, babbling and crying when he is tired or hungry or bored. he wants everything in his mouth. he’s pretty much over pacifiers except to chew on them briefly, although he prefers his own hands. he loves his sock monkey but is otherwise pretty unimpressed with toys. he sleeps in his crib at night for 4-5 hour stretches these days, and is still the world’s worst napper. he always puts up a fight when falling asleep. he prefers to sleep on his dad’s shoulder or on the boob if possible. he smiles big when i come in to get him up in the morning and likes to sit in his chair and watch me cook dinner at night, smiling every time i look over at him. he is very strong, he loves to stand up while we hold his arms and can push up when he’s having tummy time and roll himself over. he laughs at silly voices and when i say “boop!” and tap his nose. he loves music, and has recently discovered the beach boys who make him wide eyed and smiley. he met the cat the other day and laughed at her, then wrapped his fist around her tail and held on tight. he still wants to be held most of the time, will latch on with his little fist to any finger or hand or shirt or beard that comes his way. he eats every two hours during the day, and seems to know when it’s been 2 hours on the dot, because he lets out a frustrated cry like clockwork. he cries loudly and angrily and always lets me know when something is bothering him. he has his mama’s eyes and his papa’s bemused facial expressions. he is warm and snuggly and full of personality. 

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