Henry Valentine, 3 months.

henry is now 13 weeks, 3 months, and becoming the most incredible little boy. as the colic fades i’m amazed at how in tune i am with his needs, how well i decipher his cries and know when he is hungry, or tired, or needs a change of scene or position. he still has his episodes, his bad moments and sometimes bad days, but they remind me of how much better it really is. he’s becoming more independent, spending nearly an hour here and there sitting near but not in my arms, happily watching and listening to everything around him. his sense of hearing seems to be the biggest one for him, he listens intently to music and voices and loves to hear me talk to other adults. we listen to a record together every day and he gets the most incredible look of wonder in his eyes as he listens. his favorites are john frusciante, morrissey, roy orbison and dreamy ladies like neko case and lana del rey. he laughs at funny sounds and always has a huge smile and laugh for my mom. he is sleeping in his crib every night, waking for two feedings and being only a little restless, but never crying. he sleeps nearly 12 hours at night (waking for feedings) but he is the world’s worst napper, only cat napping in my arms or on his dad’s shoulder but laying awake when we put him in his crib to nap. a long car ride will do the trick, but generally he hates to go to sleep. he is the most cuddly little boy, always wanting to touch, hold on to a hand or finger or rubbing his face against an arm or chest (or papa’s beard). he eats every two hours still, and voraciously. he is long and slim, most 3 month sized pants are loose around the waist but a bit short. he is very vocal, cooing and grunting all the time. he loves to “stand” with mom or dad holding on to his arms to keep him steady, and can hold his head up pretty well. he loves to drool and make spit bubbles. he is always interested in new people, places, and sounds. he’s amazing to me every day.


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