i’m a big fan of baby wearing, but somehow i have the one colicky baby that does not like to be worn. most of the time, he hates it. i have tried 4 different slings and i’ll tell you what i liked about each, but keep in mind it will be totally up to you and your babe to see what you like.

the baby k’tan: i got this one because it was one of the only soft carriers that target has, and i put it on my registry. my baby liked this one for the first 2 weeks. he was very small (6 1/2 pounds) and i like how this nestled him in close to my chest. it is easy to put on because it doesn’t require a lot of looping and tying like most soft carriers. i like the thick cotton and i got a pretty sage green colored one. however, as soon as my baby got over 7 pounds (and colic set in), he didn’t like being in it anymore. it seemed to me to swallow him in fabric, and he seemed to be uncomfortably slumped into a little ball in it. this one didn’t work for us.

the beco gemini i would say that this carrier is not for newborns. i couldn’t keep him upright in it and i felt like he was falling out of the sides. i can see how this will be a good carrier when my baby is larger & can hold his head up. my boyfriend likes this one because it’s more masculine and fits him better. we want to try this as a backpack when baby reaches about 6 months.

solly babyi love the idea of this one, it’s chic and pretty and soft. they have gorgeous colors and the fabrics are lovely. for me, it was difficult to have to loop and cross and tie it together. with my colicky baby, putting him down just for the few minutes it took to get this on correctly caused a meltdown. i never could get myself and baby situated in it where i felt like he was secure and my back wasn’t hurting. i found myself constantly holding at least one hand on him in the wrap to make sure he was snug, which defeated the purpose. it very well may be user error, but for me this one didn’t work out either. pretty though!

lastly i bought an ergo babyi paid bucco bucks for it and also bought the infant insert, which is basically like a little hard comforter that keeps your baby almost swaddled in place. it’s marketed like a newborn won’t fit in without the insert, but for me i never used it. i can see how it would be good for a preemie or a baby that really loves swaddling but i really don’t think it’s necessary to have. i have had the most success with this carrier, and it’s the most comfortable for me. it doesn’t hurt my back, and keeps my boy from slipping out of the sides when he falls asleep in it. i can really move around in it and baby feels secure.

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