it’s been a while since i did one of these, so here goes.
i am definitely feeling the middle of winter blues, or the middle of winter blahs. after 3 months of sitting around with baby spit up and breast milk on me, constantly pushing my fried and heavily gray rooted hair out of my face, i had a moment of weakness and chopped all of my hair off. then i went to have it fixed and somehow ended up with dark brown, super short hair. once again realizing my lifelong mantra: never cut your hair. never ever. anyway, i am missing my ombre hair and thinking of picking up this cool at home kit from l’oreal. for now i am busting out my hat collection. i’m also wanting new glasses and dreaming of these cute ray ban cat eyes.
i am going through a pretty major pajama phase right now. my guy got me some good old fashioned men’s flannel pj’s for christmas and i adore them. i am thinking back to when marc jacobs did that collection of men’s pajama inspired pieces a few years ago and wishing for a pair of satin pants. it seems that once again, marc jacobs’ designs have trickled down to the masses, as i have seen similar pants at forever 21 & old navy lately. i love these tailored nina ricci ones. i’m also in a sweatshirt phase, and am dying for someone to make a cheap knockoff of these awesome rodarte “radarte” hoodies for us poor folk.
i’m feeling frumpy in my gross cotton nursing bras and tattered panties and wishing for some pretty ones like this hot milk bra and these h&m panties. as for shoes, i’m wanting a new pair of clogs, and seriously considering these cute red ones  from sandgrens. i love my black high heeled swedish hasbeens, but i am loving the closed toe and low heel on these ones. i recently scored these cute wedge moccasins for half price at target and they are soo comfie. speaking of moccs, i am still lusting after a pair of freshly picked moccs for my baby,  but can’t get my head around $60 for a pair of shoes he will only fit for a few months. sigh. speaking of baby, i am seeing 4 moms mamroo swings everywhere and kicking myself for not getting one. i am dying to try one, they bounce as well as swing and have a “car ride” setting. unfortunately my baby doesn’t like any of the swings we’ve tried, and i can’t shell out the $200 to try this one.
i’ve been cooking more and trying to get back in shape. have you heard that jamba juice is now making smoothies that are actually good for you (instead of frozen yogurt and sugar)? i am dying to try their new green smoothies. really all i want to do is drink coffee but i’ve been trying to do a green juice daily. i recently got ballet beautiful’s new dvd and it is kicking my butt. this one has a 30 minute workout that is really hard and great for those mornings when my baby doesn’t want to sit still for long.
i am also feeling pale and dull skinned and taking my hair skin & nails supplements, and wanting to have a facial or at least an at home one. i recently splurged on ysl top secrets bb cream. it is pretty lovely and hides my flaws fairly well. mostly i love the ysl packaging, it makes me feel fancy.  i am bored with my blush and wanting to try something new like this laura mercier one. i’ve never gone for a bronzer before but have always wanted to try this nars one. really i am dreaming of a vacation in peru and a real, bona fide tan, but for now it’s just a dream.

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