it’s been a while since i did one of these, i’ve had my hands literally full. our baby has colic, which means i spend my days holding and nursing a screaming baby. it’s a rare moment when i can put him down and have a few minutes to myself.
i’ve been wishing my clothes were more breastfeeding friendly. i’m loving vintage denim overalls, especially cute fitted jumpsuit types and sweet 70’s bell bottoms.  i am constantly washing my nursing bras and wishing i had more. h&m makes actually cute ones, along with these cute nursing tops. i am eternally mad for rust/burnt orange suede a la 1970’s halston, and i love this wrap dress from dvf’s latest collection, but who can afford designer duds?! i found this adorable vintage one on etsy for a more reasonable price. since it is fall i am sticking with my pumpkin color theme and wanting a pretty cape like this vintage one instead of a coat (good for hiding nursing babies and postpartum mid-sections).
speaking of nursing, my poor nipples are eternally sore, and my guy got me these magic soothing pads from lansinoh. they really do help between feedings.  my hair is looking pretty wrecked these days, but i love this oil from oribe, it smells amazing. speaking of wrecked, my nails are unsightly! my bff brought me a little bottle of marc jacobs polish in black cherry & i’m dying to try it.
as for baby- i’m crazy for these little american apparel hats. my endless search for a good baby carrier continues. i love the solly baby wrap, but the time it takes to put it on and get it in place causes major irritation for my baby, and by the time i get it on he is too upset to get in. i’m now dreaming of an ergobaby carrier. we gave him his first bottle this weekend and he did well. i’m going to attempt to pump more (in my spare time) and allow dad to help with feeding, and want to try these bottles which supposedly help colic.
lastly, i’m wanting to hear what i consider fall music lately: patti smith, neil young & the late-great lou reed. i’ve been playing a lot of mozart to soothe crying and humming a lot of velvet underground tunes in darkened rooms. here’s to easing the pain.

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