Weekly Covet

Weekly Covet
this week i am longing for cute fall outfits, and missing my small collection of vintage dirndl dresses almost as much as i am missing my small waistline. i am still mad for rust/cognac colored boots and in the midst of what i call a handbag rut. i hit them every few months, that point where i am so sick of the bag i have been carrying around and narry a one of my others catches my fancy. on the flip side of this is the fact that i am notoriously cheap when it comes to bags. i have often been heard complaining about forever 21 charging upwards of $30 for their designer knockoffs. i am, however, a complete sucker for a nice doctor bag, and i’m loving this beautiful croc one from topshop.
as i get ready to become a stay at home mommy i am thinking of ways to save. i had my last fancy hair appointment on thursday and picked myself up some bumble & bumble hair powder, the blondish color covers roots in a pinch. my guy and i go through a ridiculous amount of sparkling water in our house, we can’t get enough of the stuff. a few months ago i went to a friends house who blew my mind by showing me his amazing cuisinart sparkling water machine. i mean really, what will they think of next?!
now that it is cooler and the days are shorter i have been using my lovely little dutch oven quite a bit but wishing i had a larger one like this pretty le creuset one. yesterday i changed out the sheets and put on this incredibly cozy set of flannel ones, and we slept like a couple of rocks. i’ve been listening to a lot of stevie nicks, which is good old autumn music in my book. and speaking of books, i’m thinking of my favorite children’s books for baby, and one for me: the amazing grace coddington’s autobiography.  i’m also thinking about keeping my lips and hands hydrated and shiny while still being able to kiss and hug a tiny baby constantly, so it will be my trusty rosebud salve and burts bees for this mama.
that’s all for now.

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