this week i am thinking more about what happens after i have this baby. as a pregnant lady you hear so many stories about what your body goes through after you give birth, how it never really goes back to what it was. now that i have been through a pregnancy, i can see how that would be true, but not as big of a shock as it sounds. for most of my pregnancy my body has been pretty dramatically different from what it normally is. when you’re pregnant nature takes over and you have little say anymore. your dietary restrictions or things you shame yourself into avoiding get overrun by animal urges. not to mention that your body is re-shaped in highly strange ways. i daily feel like my ribs are being stretched from within. your feet swell to a larger size. your skin takes on a certain glow and tone that wasn’t there before, and you stop shedding hair completely. you end up with a fuller head of hair, and mine is even a different texture, far less curly. all of your old beauty tricks go out the door. you also become a shape that no normal clothing will accommodate. all of your favorite clothes hang sadly in the closet, gathering dust. you stop looking when you pass the clothing section in target. you no longer stop in to vintage shops or spend sunday mornings wandering around the mall looking at the latest trends.
my sweet boyfriend has often reminded me during pregnancy that it’s not forever, i’ll be back in my clothes one day. but i’m starting to worry about how soon that day will come. how my body, skin and hair will react to no longer being pregnant. how long will it take my body to resume a normal shape, even if it is different from what it once was.
the things that are catching my fancy this week are about post baby.
  1. solly baby wrap. we received a sage green baby k’tan wrap which i am really excited to try. i like that it is like an infinity scarf, and doesn’t need to be tied, and the soft cotton is really nice. we also got a beco gemini carrier which my guy is excited to use, as it can be worn as a back-pack as well as a front carrier. i’ll let you know how we like them. lately however i have been really wishing we had gotten a solly baby wrap instead. i love how snuggly they look, and they are made out of very thin organic cotton and bamboo and fold up like pretty scarves. they also have gorgeous colors like marigold. if i’m not happy with the others, i’ll be buying one up.
  2. baby jives cloud mobile. i am so in love with these cloud pillow mobiles. they look amazing, and the little hand stitched gold and silver stars are so cool. i bought a small origami paper star mobile that was a few shades of yellow that i liked, but once it arrived it was a bit smooshed and not as pretty as it looked in the photos. i haven’t been able to bring myself to buy another mobile, but i am dreaming about this baby jives one often.
  3. the only thing that seems missing from my nursery is some kind of dim lighting. i have a lovely old battered lamp that i adore, but i am wanting something small and low lit for those nighttime feedings. i love this antique heart shaped marquee light.
  4. hair, skin & makeup are on my mind again. i have been getting by on drug store products like garnier, rimmel and ponds, not having stepped foot in a sephora in months. i am missing really good quality skincare and makeup items. being a irish/english extremely fair skinned girl, i really like the white lucent products from shisedo. they always made my skin glow, too. now that i am officially in my mid 30’s, a BB cream is a little light for me, but i’m not ready to commit to full on foundation. i am thinking about investing in a really top notch CC (color correcting) cream, like this one from Chanel. lately i am bored with my tired old eye shadows and dying to know how the new marc jacobs ones are. as for hair, every couple of months i get to have mine done, and i am always left wondering how they can lighten, blow dry, and curling iron my hair and leave it so shiny. my hairdresser always uses this keratase elixir and swears it does the trick. i may break down and buy some next time i am in.
  5. light colored sunglasses like these stella mccartney ones have my eye lately. i have never purchased designer shades, i tend to throw them around my purse and dashboard and get bored with them too often. over the past few months i have only wanted white or pale colored frames. they look dreamy, and i love a cat eye.
  6. i’m still searching for the perfect stuffed toy for my baby boy. i spend way too much time on etsy, going through pages and pages of handmade stuffed toys, looking for just the right fox, rabbit or odd shaped doll. but in the end, i can never bring myself to spend $50+ on a doll. so i keep looking.
  7. my pumpkin obsession continues- i am even lighting pumpkin scented candles and drinking -gasp- gross non dairy creamer in pumpkin flavors, chalk full of corn syrup and other unidentifiable chemicals. i can’t help myself. i’m a pumpkin-a-holic.
  8. today i am breaking out the cold weather accessories, it is really fall and i am glad to be done with the heat and sleeveless tops and short skirts. bring on the scarves.
  9. with pregnancy comes swollen feet, but what they don’t tell you is how uncomfortable that really is. over the past month, if i walk more than a few steps or even sit upright for too long, my feet swell up and hurt like heck. i have developed quite a collection of cushy slippers over the course of my pregnancy, trying every style and brand around, but i am missing the trusty deerskin variety that i always wore as a kid growing up in the woods.
  10. i am anticipating being a breastfeeding mom soon and realizing my life will soon revolve around the clock. i have been thinking about breaking down and buying a good old fashioned watch. i like the new ones with cork bands and bright colored faces.
  11. speaking of time, i am wondering how i will fit a workout in to my days, but i am determined to try. i started mary helen bowers’ ballet beautiful workout a little over a year ago and love how it changed my shape. i have managed to keep doing it throughout my pregnancy, although these days it is a shortened version. i am sure that it has kept me from becoming entirely enormous, and from complete exhaustion. i am looking forward to trying her cardio workout, and to trying some new ones as well. i can’t wait to feel strong and full of energy again.
  12. last but not least, a nice camera. about a month ago josh and i found a leica in an antique shop for $15. granted, it was a simple point and shoot, but still! i can’t wait to use it on the baby. the beautiful silvery tones of leica photos are like no other.
hope you are enjoying early fall.

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