most wanted.

these are some of my most wanted items this fall, for myself and for baby.
silly as it sounds, i am counting down the days until i can be the clothes horse that i am again. i miss shopping. i miss outfits. i miss my clothes. i was never a jeans every day girl, i tend to prefer skirts and dresses, but being pregnant has me pining for jeans. i would kill to pull on a pair of well fitting jeans and delight in actually having a waist line. i can’t wait to get back into jeans (hudson’s fit my curvy-ness well) , a nice peasant blouse (i love this lucky jeans one), a scarf and a good pair of boots. i love burgundy colored boots for fall, and i prefer a little heel, like these ones from topshop.
once my alleged pregnancy glow dims i will be back to obsessing about my skin. i go very pale in the cooler months so i like the occasional peel like this pumpkin one and a nice tarte cheek stain.
i have been seeing those beautiful pumpkin shaped dutch ovens in the shops and lusting after them. they look wonderful but cost a fortune. i’ve also been dreaming of a kitchenaid stand mixer for years now but can’t decide if i heart pistachio or ice blue more. one day i’ll actually have one. i love the brightly colored french presses that are out now, in pretty autumn hues. i can’t wait for strong pots of coffee.
it’s the time of year for bunches and bunches of mums, all purple and orange and lovely.
it’s cooling down and i’m looking forward to pulling out my blankets and throws. i am wanting lots of pendleton wool blankets these days.
for baby i just ordered a pair of minnetonka moccasins and i can’t wait to stuff his little feet into them. i saw these mini masters art books for babies and i adore them, i plan on bringing them home for baby as soon as his eyes can focus. i am pretty much obsessed with lucky boy sunday dolls. i can’t muster the price of them but they are so clever and adorable.
i am having a real diaper bag dilemma. i have yet to find one that catches my fancy at all, so i have decided to use my trusty handmade carry-all, made out of an old navajo print blanket.
last but not least i am crazy for small, simple rings these days. i have always been a costume jewelry/cocktail ring girl, the bigger and gaudier the better. but lately i love very small, gold or silver bands. i guess my gaudy days are done.

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