the nursery.

we finished the nursery a few weeks ago and i’m so in love with it. i knew for certain that i wanted a turquoise wall color but wasn’t sure of the shade. after months of samples and little paper cards, one morning josh and i wandered down a random aisle at home depot and came upon a shelf of clearance items. among them was a full can of mint chip ice cream paint, with a sticker reading $7 on it. just like that, we had a winner.

most everything that we have found for the nursery and for the baby, really, has been scored in thrift stores or gifted. we decided to keep the full sized bed that was in the room for visiting grandmas and aunties and because it so beautifully displays the 1930’s quilt that josh found in the rafters of the garage, handmade by a truly great, great grandmother.

the changing table was thrifted and i painted it white, cursing its adorable little 1970’s knobs and rungs. the crib was compliments of josh’s entirely wonderful grandmother, who bought us the very same car seat/stroller combo that my mother had already purchased for us. we returned it, received a refund, and picked up ikea’s most basic, $69, birch colored crib and painted it white as well. we found the small, velvet covered rocker along with various little blankets, an adorable patchwork baby boy comforter, and endless onesies for about one dollar only at various local thrift towns and ecothrifts and salvation armies.

even though we didn’t manage the eames rocking chair, or the sleek modern babyletto crib. even though our bedding and sheets are thrifted target basics instead of INCREDIBLE iviebaby bedding . even though we could only manage a sleep sheep and hand me down stuffed animals instead of an amazing lucky boy sunday doll. it’s still pretty much perfect. now all that we need is baby!





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