these are my favorite days. today the season really shifted, a big rain storm will bring in fall this year. we woke up to a hard rain and stayed in bed late, lost in warm kisses and clean sheets. 

i am so excited for this season, for this year, for the baby coming in just a few weeks. october is my favorite month. i can’t wait for cozy evenings spent reading and crisp days and falling leaves and suede boots and pumpkin everything. and most of all, a brand new baby to keep us warm.

today josh bought a pickup truck, an old beast that he can do man stuff in. his smile is the best thing in my day, most days. we took the truck down to the store and picked up fixins for a lovely fall meal (made in my sturdy dutch oven), two reese’s peanut butter pumpkins, a real pumpkin for the front porch, and the new ryan gosling flick. 

here’s to a new season, my favorite one.






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