today is the autumn equinox. yesterday we had a good, hard rain and this morning the sky is clear and the air is cool, it really does feel like fall.

here are my top 10 things that i am looking forward to this fall:

1. BAKING! i love, love, love to bake and there is no time like autumn. when the weather turns cool and you are stuck inside, there’s nothing like the smell of baking treats filling the house. i can’t wait to try out new dessert recipes like this ginger pumpkin cheesecake pie from gourmet:



2. baby halloween attire. this year josh and i say goodbye to slut-o-ween and gladly toast the end of drunken ladies of the night in highly questionable “outfits” and the beginning of trick or treating and little baby pumpkins and ghosts. i mean really, is there anything more heart-melting than toddlers in costume? i found this adorable little skeleton outfit at old navy for $5.50!



3. decorating for halloween. for the first time since i was a teenager i am living in a real house, in a real neighborhood with real trick or treating kids living in it! our amazing next door neighbors have already decked out their yard with ghouly faced pumpkins and orange lit trees. today we plan on scouring the local thrift shops for plenty of cool decorations of our own. i love these pumpkin faced string lights.



4. using my wonderful cast iron dutch oven. nothing like soups, stews and hearty one pot meals for dark fall nights. i am looking forward to trying out this sausage, white bean & kale stew:



5. NEW BOOTS! i am a boot girl, through & through. after a decade of living in san francisco, a girl becomes a little attached to wearing boots year round. this hot summer coupled with the ridiculous foot-swelling of pregnancy has kept me boot free for months now. i can’t wait to get back in to boots. i love a nice pair of suede ones with a round toe and some pretty details like these ones:



6. french press coffee. there’s nothing i love more on a sunday morning than a nice, strong pot of blue bottle coffee made in a french press. i have missed it terribly during my pregnancy and i can’t wait for that first pot.



7. our first thanksgiving, at our house! i have cooked a few thanksgiving feasts in my day, but this year will be very special. it’s our first year as a family, and we plan on hosting thanksgiving this year. we have done so much work on the house, and we can’t wait to have family and friends and feasting to celebrate our newest family member. i digress: i heart martha stewart and watch her cooking show on PBS almost daily. i am dying to try out her maple turkey recipe this year.



8. fall gardening. we did so much clearing and cleaning and pulling and weeding this summer to make the back yard less of a jungle, now we’re looking forward to filling it in. we’ve been talking a lot about raised garden beds and planters, and love the idea of old wheel barrels and furniture as planters. we’re planning on fall lettuces and greens like this planter:



9. PUMPKIN BREAD! pumpkin bread is one of my favorite food groups. alas, josh and i are gluten free, but as martha says: any  recipe can be substituted with gluten free flour. i plan on making many, many loaves of pumpkin bread this year.



10. a new fall coat. there is really nothing better than a well fitting coat, and i can’t wait to not be pregnant anymore so that i can once again know what it is like to wear well fitting clothes. i love a pretty embroidered coat like this one from tracy reese.



Happy Fall!!


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